Here you will see how to build the book yourself and use the accompanying tools.

Required software

  • xmllint
  • xsltproc
  • ruby and rake

All of the software below is present in Mac OS X Leopard.

Building HTML out of all the XML files

Go to the book directory, for example en/handbook and type:

rake html

If there were no errors a handbook.html file should appear in the same directory.

Other tasks

  • rake validate -- checks if the XML files are valid and conform to the DTD
  • rake todo -- lists all TODO/XXXs in the files
  • rake typos[filename] -- tries to correct common typos in filename. Replaces single quotes with typographically correct apostrophes and replaces several strngs with their corresponding entities (e.g. WordPress with ℘).

Typing rake -T will reveal all available tasks.

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